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Website is online and visible to others but not visible to me, nor can I FTP the hosting companay – causes

Step 1: Can others see it or is it just me? Check here: downforeveryoneorjustme   or

Step 2: Is it a local problem? Try a separate laptop/computer/ mobile phone. SBP is down from my end using all mechanisms. It is therefore not a local firewall on my computer that is causing the issue.

Step 3: Is it visible in some countries but not in others? Check APM Cloud monitor:

it could be possible that … website is accessible in certain part of the world. There is a web service available which tells us about whether a site is accessible in different cities of the world: APM Cloud monitor (Link). You should report to your hosting provider to sort it out. [Source]

In my case SBP etc. websites were losing packets across most parts of the world. Hence a problem that needs to be fixed by the hosting company.


Dreamhost support said: “Loads fine to me, probably your IP has been blocked, to unblock your IP please login to the client area at, then go to Support (On the light blue menu) -> Unblock IP. In that way you can unblock your IP by yourself.”

That WAS the problem, after unblocking things are fine. I have no clue why this blocking occurred.


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Coinbase – a highly defective system – where even the basics don’t work properly

ANXPRO is a well-designed exchange. In comparison, Coinbase is a very poor quality exchange.

  1. It doesn’t work on Google Chrome on a PC – one gets a blank screen for “dashboard”
  2. I had to download the app to upload my drivers licence. The thing was clunky and really badly designed. Took me nearly 5 attempts to get it right.
  3. The app would not update after ID and credit card details had been uploaded.
  4. I had to use Firefox to see the dashboard.
  5. I had to repeatedly try to get the “buy” system to work. It finally worked (very randomly) and although it gave me two times the message that I had been successful in buying a currency, it only worked one of the two times. False signal.
  6. It gives a limit only of $300 AUD each week
  7. You can’t sell your currency on this platform


The advantage? Its commission is pretty small, and not like the 5 to 10 per cent commission one pays in Australia!!



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How to buy a cheap train ticket from Zurich to Interlaken (or anywhere in Switzerland)

I found that there are a lot of websites that are charging hugely inflated amounts for train tickets.

The advantage of using these sites is that you can book well in advance of the journey.

The official Swiss train company does not book tickets more than one month in advance. However, its prices are roughly 50-60 per cent of the price charged by other companies.

If you can wait for a month ahead of the data of travel to book, then use this:


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