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Solution: Motorola Device Manager not working on PC with Moto G4 plus

After installing Motorola Device Manager I got a small telephone type image with Moto G(4) written on it when I connected with USB. No internal files visible.


Disconnect USB

Go to Settings > Apps

Now look at the dot dot image and you’ll find “Show System”. Now you need to, one by one, go to : External Storage and Media Storage

For each of these click on the image and then on “storage”. You’ll find “data” and “cache”.

Clear these two on each of these.


Give it 5 min after full boot up.

Now connect USB again. You’ll get a menu – Pick “file transfers” (MTP). I don’t have a copy of the menu but it will look something like this:

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Fujitsu airconditioner issues

Model no. ASTG07LVCA (sl. E006905) multi unit with outdoor AOTG24LA5T3 (sl. TOO7107)

Call Victorian office at (03) 9543-5899 Jessica


Problem detected – 19 October 2016

Contact with Fujitsu – 21 October 2016

Send technician – 3 November 2016

Called them on: 7 November 2016 – Nicki said someone would call me back. No one did.

Called again on: 10 November 2016 – Jessica said the part is expected end-November. I asked whether the entire box could be replaced. She checked and called back that doing so would go into next year. She is still trying to get the part from somewhere earlier than end-Nov. if possible. She gave me her email ID.


Sudden drop off ability to heat (from Wednesday 19 October 2016).  Identified that there are flashing lights.

Operation light blinks 9 times then Timer blinks 4 times and recycles.

Called 1300 882 201. Reached NSW office. Transferred to Technical support. Tech support asked main power to be turned off for 10 minutes and switched on again. He then transferred to Victoria service office which went to voice mail. Pointless waste of time.

After starting power again, the flashing lights went off but the heating is not working (outside temperature 21 degrees but was trying 30 degrees: nothing happened; just some little bit of air; outside unit fan came on sporadically but switched off on its own).

Called the 1300 number again, this time went to Victoria office. Service coordinator not at work today, have to call tomorrow.



Manual says:

When the room temperature is very low, frost may form on the outside unit, and its performance may be reduced. In order to remove such frost, the unit will automatically enter the defrost cycle from time to time. During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION Indicator Lamp will flash, and the heat operation will be interrupted [Source]

This means the OPERATION light should stop blinking very soon. But that’s not happening.

I notice now that OPERATION is flashing 9 times and TIMER 4 times. And the ECONOMY is flashing continuously.

Does that mean something?

Potential answer

From the fault code description with a flashing economy light (also green) then I guess this is a newer model with standardised fault codes. Model for outdoot would be AOTG… The G is the important part here to signify I am on the right track and the model is the newer generation.

This code is discharge temperature error – meaning outdoor PCB has determined that discharge probe has gone over 110*C twice in 24hrs.

Commonly caused by low refrigerant charge but there can be other causes.

Of course a model number would confim my detective work here.


Here is a PDF that contains codes.  [Copy on my server]

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