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How to buy ICOs

ICO list:


This is all very mysterious. I’m trying to buy this: 

but have no clue how to do it. It is a Waves based token. I’ve sent an info request to these people:

The info was received, but too late. Could not buy this.





Participate in the ICO

Step 1: Somehow buy Ethereum (not too hard).

Step 2: Create an Ethereum wallet. I used Myetherwallet. 

Step 3: Then transfer to the ICO (super-complicated) using the details here.

Step 4: Substratum will send an acknowledgement email

Step 5: After a few days check if the tokens have been deposited.

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Why it is pointless to have Xapo and Coinmama accounts

I registered with Xapo and Coinmama and did not use it for a long time.

Both are utterly useless, since all you can do is buy Bitcoin (only). XAPO is also not at all secure since it doesn’t use an independent authentication application like Authy. Instead, it uses its own mobile app and FORCES you to use your phone number in order to activate the mobile app. Now, it is well known that phone numbers can be easily hijacked, so that doesn’t make any sense. Also, it makes it impossible to use Xapo while travelling across the world.

Both these are one-coin wonders, and pretty worthless.

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Crypto dashboard

Useful information resources:

Bitcoin obituaries

Key mining concepts

This is a good article.

Legality of bitcoin by country or territory

List of blockchains and ICOs

These are different things! BLOCKCHAINS | ICOs

Price movements

Price comparisons across different exchanges: Bitpicker.

Create virtual portfolio

List of tokens


Decentaralised exchanges

Market maker

ICO trackers

Ongoing ICOs

LIST OF ICO resources


The mega-exchange where you can connect your accounts from all your exchanges is Coinigy.

Number of currencies traded by different exchanges: see this list.

In my experience, ANXPRO is the best exchange, with detailed security features and notifications for every transaction. Poloniex is FAR better than Coinbase in terms of features (e.g. it allows stop limit orders) but it DOES NOT provide any email notification, which is an issue. And it has some seriously bad reviews. Bittrex is a large exchange with a lot of coins (too many to list here).

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